1956 Nash Metropolitan (Hudson)


  • Lyd

    LOVE this! More, please!

  • T.J.

    right on. great write up. the OG smart car…..

  • Erin Benson

    Believe it or not my mom had a Nash Rambler that she drove us to school in every day. Looking forward to following your progress and the stroll down memory lane’

  • Suzi Andres

    OMG Diane…. I LOVE Nash Metros!!!! Fell in love with them when Dean & I drove to Kenosha in our 72 Gremlin. I’ll have to forward some photos. Did u tell us about ur Nash??? Good lunch with restoration. Love the hood ornament. Lucky find!!!! Suzi

    • How cool! I don’t think we did discuss the Nash. Hoping to finally cruise the 2016 car shows with it! Would love to see your photos. Thanks! 😀

  • Layne Pennington

    I just started on two 56 Mets
    I enjoy seeing how others restore there’s
    Good job
    More pics please

    • Thanks Layne! We got a little sidetracked with other projects but will be getting back to the Nash soon. (Very anxious to finally take it for a spin!) Would love to see pics on yours and how they are progressing. 😀

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