Night Owls Unite

Late-night. The real L-word that people are afraid of being associated with. Flip through the channels most any night after 2am and it’s doesn’t take long to figure out that advertisers big and small lump us all into a big pot of lazy, jobless, health-challenged losers. The commercials run the gambit from hurt on the job ambulance chasers to self help infomercials […]

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Fort Collins: Tour de Fat 2015

Fort Collins: Tour de Fat

“Need a sticker to ride. You need a sticker to ride…”. We had finally tiny-stepped our way to the start for the Fort Collins 2015 Tour de Fat yesterday when we came to another halt in the process. But this time we were stopped next to one of several volunteers handing out participant stickers and repeating on a constant loop […]

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Red Rocks – There’s No Better Place To See The Stars

Red Rocks FOTR

“I AM GROOT“. Ah, “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Thoroughly enjoyed this flick as much, if not more, when I saw it again for the first time last night. Say what? Alright, let me explain. The difference between your typical indoor movie theater vs. sitting under the stars, surrounded by gorgeous red rock among more than 9 thousand of my closest friends and […]

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