Yoga is Yoga, Right?

I love yoga. I’ve only been doing it a few years – definitely not anybody’s idea of a proficient yogi. I have several yoga DVDs that I always promise myself I will watch and follow at home. And it never happens. Ever. I have watched a couple of them – while I was sitting on the couch with a snack and […]

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The Wild Animal Sanctuary – Lions and Tigers and Bears, (and so much more), Oh My!

Beautiful Tiger sticking his tongue out at me!

Ever since I heard about The Wild Animal Sanctuary, I have been jonesing to go. My daughter, Sarah, went in June and brought home the literature describing the refuge and all of the animals in their habitats. I read it cover to cover a couple of times. Many of the animals were rescued from deplorable “living” conditions, and some from […]

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My First Hand Spun “Artsy” Yarn

What to do with my "art" yarn?

My first ball of yarn. Not exactly what you would find on the shelves at a knitting shop, but I actually like it nonetheless. According to our instructor, new spinners usually create “art” yarn. Meaning thick and thin, maybe some fuzzy spots, and just overall inconsistent. Apparently there are experienced spinners that are unable to duplicate their early “art” yarns, […]

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Herbed Focaccia Bread

Fresh out of the over and ready to devour.

I’m always looking to improve upon my baking and cooking skills, so I was interested when I read about Chef Elizabeth Buckingham’s Bread Baking at Home class at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Then I saw that high-altitude baking was one of the topics discussed – and that there were going to be generous samples. I signed up immediately. I’ve been […]

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