The Knowing Gift

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s not Wednesday, how come she’s rambling??” Don’t worry. I am fully aware that I’m rambling on a Sunday. But I need to write this down, type if out – whatever. Get it out there so I can have that space back in my head. To, you know, fill up with other (less weighty) things. Bare with […]

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O Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies

I wasn’t planning to make meringue cookies last night. I was fixated on making Cinnamon Eggnog Crème Brûlée. But after separating 8 yolks for the crème brûlée – I figured I was already part-way to a quadruple batch of meringue cookies. Such sweet justification for not wasting 8 egg whites – and nobody loves meringue more than me! I decided […]

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Cold Process Soap Making – Easier Than You Think!

Cold Process Soaps

I have been wanting to make soaps forEVER! I have books on soap making. Supplies for soap making. But for some reason I was apprehensive to actually make the soap. Maybe it was the skull and crossbones. Perhaps it was the volcanic effect warning. Or the repetitive advisories regarding rubber gloves and safety glasses. (Okay, it could have been all […]

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Still Thankful

When can we eat?? I'm starrrrrvinggg!

Thanksgiving. I know it’s over for this year, but I’m not quite ready to be done being thankful just yet. I hope everyone that celebrates it had a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving this year. Mine? Well, I can sum it up in just four words. LOUD CHAOTIC FUN BLESSED Besides our two grown kids, we celebrated with another five “kids” in […]

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