No-Sew Help for Making Your Ugly Sweater UGLIER!

Ugly Sweaters

Okay, I can admit that I am not the most fashion forward person out there. There are plenty of laundry loads that when all is said and done, the only articles of clothing in my folded pile are yoga pants, sports bras, t-shirts and sweats. (Usually some socks and underwear too).

I can, however, usually recognize an ugly sweater when I see one. And – it turns out – I have a bit of a knack for making an unattractive sweater a whole lot uglier. More like hideous. So in anticipation of “Ugly Christmas Sweater” season, I have joined several other wonderful bloggers in an Ugly Sweater Blog Hop.

Now, I have had my share of ugly sweaters. But I like to think that the truly atrocious ones have previously been purged from my closet. In any case, I didn’t turn to my closet. Mostly because an ugly masterpiece from my own clothing archives could leave lasting scars on my fashion sense. (And render me incapable of getting out of my sweats).

I went to our local ARC thrift store and picked up two sweaters that were part of the half off sale. This green one actually looks very familiar. Like I may actually owned it or one of its clones at some point in my not-so-distant past. It looks comfy and I just can’t help but like the color. (My daughter cited the color as reason enough for the sweater to be labeled “ugly”). Personal preference. Whatever.

When I took my sweaters up to the cashier, she gave me a grin and asked if they were my “ugly sweaters”. She was so nice that I was able to resist the urge to feign hurt and disbelief. But for every reaction I pre-emptively squashed, another was quick to take its place. So, yeah – I probably came across as being a bit slow when I finally just nodded and agreed with a smile.

After I left the thrift shop with my sweaters I headed to Michael’s craft store. So many choices! I finally narrowed down my decision to some spray-painted styrofoam balls, poinsettias, gold sequins and a red & gold plastic garland.

So obviously the photo in the upper right hand corner of the collage is the “before”. The green sweater just screamed that it needed the red and green poinsettias. These came with little wires for attaching, so in the spirit of “no-sew”, I poked the wires through the sweater and twisted the ends together to secure. I snipped off the ends so they would lay flat and not scratch.

Next, I heated up the glue gun and went to town on creating a collar and band around the bottom with the styrofoam balls. I finished it off with lots of gold sequins. Glamtastic!

The only caution I have is to be very conscious of just how hot a glue gun can get. Be sure to use something other than your finger to tamp down your baubles. Especially the sequins – you know hot glue is going to erupt from that center hole in the sequins. But still you think you can touch up that one – super quick – you’ll be done before the searing pain has a chance to register… uh-huh.

Ugly Green Sweater

Ugly Green Sweater

This black sweater is probably the definitive item that let the cashier know without a doubt that I was after ugly sweaters. With a safety-pin back closure, lots of pilling and an assortment of colorful bows with dangly beads hanging off the bows – I really didn’t need to do anything at all to this sweater.

But why settle for ugly? The plastic red and gold garland was just long enough to rim the collar and to go around the sleeves. With just a little extra jingle around the sleeves. I cut the garland into three pieces and put the glue gun into action.

More glued styrofoam balls and sequins. And there you have it. One truly undeniably ugly sweater. The original sweater is in the upper right of the collage. I definitely had a head start on this one!

Ugly Bow Sweater

Ugly Bow Sweater

Are you going to any Ugly Sweater Parties this holiday season? I would love to see what you’ve come up with!


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