Introducing Herman the House Car

Herman the House Car

IT’S ALIVE!!! We are very pleased to introduce to you — Herman the House Car! Herman is a bit rough. He’s been around since 1966 and has not had any pampering in at least 50 years. We aim to fix that and get Herman out and about, visiting campgrounds, national parks, state parks, hot springs and a myriad of other fun places. He’s definitely due for an overhaul and some great adventures!

Herman the House Car


There were only approximately 52 House Cars built by Dale Wasinger, Denver owner of Great Dale House Car Co. You can find an interesting and fairly comprehensive story of the House Car here.

Jeff’s sister had Herman for a few years with intentions of eventually restoring him. Then, not quite two years ago, Jeff did some major work on her house in exchange for a new driveway for him to sit idle chance at resurrection for Herman.

We got a lot of stares, some beeps and a few “thumbs up” gestures on the highway home. He ran like a champ, though we did have to bungee the door closed and there are a few mechanical issues to be addressed. Cosmetically … well, let’s just say he needs a makeover inside and out.

The bastardized Oldsmobile is so ugly that he’s almost handsome, much like the Munster family patriarch. And yes, it is cheesy, but we plan to rig the horn to blast the Munster theme song intro.

Herman the House Car
Herman the House Car Herman the House Car Herman the House Car Herman the House Car

We took Herman out for a cruise last summer and I spent most of the time with one hand on the door handle so that it didn’t constantly fly open. (The bungee we took wasn’t long enough). Pretty sure the first step in our house car restoration will be a new door. That and a new radiator are all that stand in the way of Herman’s first real road trip.

Herman the House Car



  • Chris

    We have experience updating a 1965 Great Dale House Car in Littleton. Let us know if you need any help or advice.

    • That’s great Chris – thank you! I bet it is the gorgeous 1965 Dodge Coronet that we have been reading about. We are only about 45 minutes away from Littleton – would love to meetup some time and check ‘er out if that works for you guys. 😀

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