Debt-Free in 3: June Update (yr 2)

Part 19 June Debt-Free in 3

So … in our May update we discussed how much harder it is to stick to a budget during the summer months – the season of festivals, concerts and vacations. We had only planned on one concert for June. (Santa put tickets to see Norah Jones at Red Rocks in the stockings of Jeff and the kids).

Yet somehow we still found ourselves at 3 additional concerts just in the month of June. Not one of them do I regret, but we need to get back on track. Maybe I’ll compensate by tightening up the grocery budget and we can eat ramen noodles all of July.

Another expense we mentioned last time was the expedited passport and airfare for Costa Rica. Although those 2 costs ran about a thousand dollars for me, the remainder of the trip was relatively inexpensive. There were 8 of us staying at a very luxurious resort, (we had our own infinity pool and golf cart) and we only had to pay a daily nominal fee for concierge and tips.

Our “home” in Costa Rica for one very pampered week.

We saved on per person costs for excursions by driving a rental car instead of having a shuttle pick us up and we didn’t spend much time in gift shops. But what still amazes me is that we only dined out twice in the entire week we were vacationing! Likewise, we purchased alcohol and had our cocktails around the pool. No costly bar tabs for this group.

Usually I have good intentions and will buy groceries and still eat out. That is definitely a perk of a group vacation with at least a couple of planners …they stick to the plan. Left to my own devices, I probably would have been reluctant to open any credit card statements after all the restaurant charges were tallied.

It was definitely a once in a lifetime vacation opportunity. One from our group works for the resort company and was nice enough to extend the invitation to the rest of us. Had it not been for him, a single night at the resort would have cost more than my husband and I usually budget for an entire week of vacation.

After living in the lap of luxury, Herman the House Car is going to feel even more backwoods that it already does. But that’s okay. We should fit right in when we show up at Starlite Classic Campground for The Trailer Trash Bash in August.


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