Debt-Free in 3: April Update

Part 17 April Debt-Free in 3

It’s time to talk finances again! Two Aprils have come and gone since we started our Debt-Free in 3 series. April hasn’t been a cheap month for us in the last couple years. This was our second annual Vegas and National Parks vacation. We managed to do it on the cheap (compared to what it could have been), and still had a great time.

We’re making progress on our installment-type loans (mortgage/auto/student), but the credit cards are staying pretty steady as we have funds going out to further our goals.

We’ve gone back and forth a few times, but (currently) the plan is to completely restore the Nash Metropolitan and then sell it. The profit from the Nash will go toward paying down debt and fixing up Herman the House Car – which we will use whenever possible for our travels instead of staying in hotels.

BEFORE snapshot of our (rough but still adorable) Nash. |

BEFORE snapshot of our rough but still adorable Nash.

Herman the House Car

Herman is a bit rough – but it won’t take much to get him road worthy. His cosmetic surgery will be a much longer process.

Along with the restorations, we are setting up shop to engrave pet memorials & address markers. Once we have the engraving side business running, we plan to incorporate blacksmithing into the mix. Engraving and blacksmithing are both passions that we enjoy and which can be quite lucrative. (Hopefully profitable enough that we can pursue all of the fun things we like to do while our day jobs payoff the mortgage).

Edge of Eden Landscape Rock Engraving |

Edge of Eden Landscape Boulder – our fist large engraving project from several years ago.

Lots and lots of plans, but of course our plans to make money will cost money. We need a welder to restore the Nash. We need supplies to engrave the stones. We need a forge for the blacksmithing. We need a radiator/door/windshield to get Herman on the road. We need more garage clearance to get Herman out of the elements. Seems like every dollar is already spent 10 ways before we even have it within our grasp.

And how was your month??


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