Bring the Brewery to Your House With the HOPii Beer Brewing System

What if you could craft beer at home as easily as you brew your morning coffee? What if that beer could be consistently crafted to perfection every time? What if that beer could maintain brewery tank freshness? What if all these things are actually possible with the HOPii Beer Brewing System??

When I first read about the HOPii system, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. There had to be a catch. I mean – there are endless homebrewer stories about why the same recipe tastes completely different from one batch to the next. How could a glorified coffee maker guarantee quality consistency?

And freshness? I still remember the first time we took our daughter on the Coors brewery tour, (back before she moved to Denver). Let’s just say she was less than excited. That is, until she tasted a fresh beer – just days old. She could not believe it was the same brand of beer she’d had at parties in Pittsburgh. There is really no comparison to a cold one fresh from the tank.

How is HOPii able to perfect the taste?

Fermentation is the most crucial stage in creating a great taste of craft beer, but it is also the hardest stage due to difficult temperature and pressure control, oxygen and sunlight exposure and bacterial infection. These are what the professional brewers are most concerned about when brewing their craft beers. HOPii is able to achieve great tasting craft beers, because:

  • HOPii controls temperature and pressure using various sensors and smart algorithms for perfect and consistent fermentation
  • HOPii is a highly controlled and completely closed system to create an oxygen and sunlight-free brewing environment
  • HOPii’s one-touch cleaning technology ensures full sanitation for the bacteria-free brewing environment

I was intrigued. Home brewing without all the startup cost for supplies, virtually no required storage space, and a simple process that has eliminated all of the possible pitfalls …well, that sounded like something even a newbie brewer like me could handle.

When I heard that cleanup was as easy as pushing a button, that was when I definitely knew it was too good to be true.  Jong Shin, the creator and CEO of HOPii, Inc. was going to be a sponsor at the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference in Milwaukee, and I was headed there as a first-time participant. So I scheduled a one-on-one demonstration with Jong to get the scoop.

HOPii Beer Brewing System

Jong Shin – creator of HOPii Beer Brewing System

My flight was delayed three times, my laptop refused to power on after going through airport security, and when I finally got to my hotel room at 3am – the snoring I heard through the wall had to be the last straw. But I was wrong. The baby crying at 06:30 is what put me over the edge. Why had I suggested a PRE-conference meeting??

Somehow I made it to our meetup on time and Jong was so engaging and passionate about his invention that he quickly flipped my mood. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he was able to easily answer all of my questions. This was no fly-by-night operation. Jong and his engineers had thought of everything.

My son, the water quality control specialist, wanted to know how the beer recipes would be affected by differing water supplies. My daughter questioned the environmental aspects of the packaging. My husband was curious whether he could get kits from his favorite breweries. And I wanted to know more about the cleaning function.

Every juicer, blender and food processor I have ever purchased has supposedly been “easy to clean”. Yeah, right.

HOPii Beer Brewing System HOPii Beer Brewing System

Low and behold — the HOPii Beer Brewing System is actually self-cleaning. Not like my self-cleaning oven. I still have to exert some energy to get that really clean. But with HOPii you just add water and the cleaning solution that is included in each brewing kit, press START and you have a fully sanitized machine ready to go for your next recipe. (I think Jong should revolutionize juicers for his next project).

The water is included in each brewing kit, along with all of the other ingredients made fresh by the breweries. The brewer’s recipe is encrypted on the bottom of the bottle – which even lets the machine know the specific temperature to which each particular recipe needs to be set.

Your HOPii home-brewed beer will stay fresh as long as it stays in the specially designed bottle. The bottle is portable and each kit produces 3 liters of your beer of choice. Should you require more than 3 liters, you simply remove the bottle, sanitize the unit and unbox another kit.

From start to finish, the process actually is as simple as ordering the kit from an app on your phone, pouring the contents (yeast/hops) into the bottle, placing the entire bottle into the machine and pressing START. Easier than our coffee maker – which does not have the gumption to clean itself. (Just one more reason why beer is superior to coffee).

Craft beer experience re-imagined — HOPii craft beer brewing system

HOPii is the most sophisticated and intelligent craft beer brewing system. HOPii is the only system that uses the ingredients made fresh by the breweries and ferments them at your home using patented smart technologies. HOPii enables you to drink these craft beers as soon as the fermentation is done, right-off-the-tank, just like how the brewers drink them. At their freshest taste. EVER.

  • HOPii creates your favorite breweries’ craft beers at their best and freshest tasting conditions with a touch of a button
  • Using various sensors and smart algorithms, HOPii makes the craft beer to the brewer’s recipe at its perfection
  • HOPii creates the exact taste of the craft beer that is intended by the brewers, consistently every single time

All of the packaging is recyclable and there will initially be 20 – 30 kits from which to choose. There are no shipping issues regardless of which state you reside in, since HOPii is selling yeast and hops – not alcohol.

They are currently working strictly with breweries, but hopefully they will eventually partner with your favorite home brewer. Yes, I have a few home brewers in mind.

For more information, check out the HOPii Kickstarter page. They begin taking pledges on September 13 and offer several incentives to bring the brewery to your house!

[Disclaimer: I have NOT been compensated for this review, (but I will jump at the offer for a system if one is extended to me)].


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