Colorado’s Grist Brewing Company

Science nerds sure aren’t what they used to be. Anyone that’s been to Grist Brewing Company in Highlands Ranch can attest to that. Science Based With Creativity is the motto and beer is the game over at Grist. There they pour two kinds of beer. Science Beers and Creativity Beers. So you’d better decide which camp you’re in before ordering a flight. […]

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Recipe for Flint-Style Coney: What Every Koegel’s Hot Dog Yearns to Be

Flint Style Coneys

Anybody that has ever lived in Michigan can tell you that Koegel’s is hands down the best hot dog there is. Anywhere. Period. A debate would be senseless. Once you’ve devoured a Koegel’s hot dog you will be ruined for any other. But a Michigander consensus is lacking on which style of coney island sauce is superior. Detroit versus Flint. […]

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Shirts on Tap – Subscription Box for Micro Brew Fans

Shirts on Tap

Subscription boxes have been all the rage for a while now. Every month there are beard growing fanatics and home chef wannabes waiting by their mailboxes. Workout enthusiasts. Crafters. Bakers. Fashionistas and pampered pooch owners giddy with anticipation of “what’s in the box?”. (No. It is not Gwyneth Paltrow’s head. That is just gross.) Even the phone case obsessed have […]

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